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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award - known in other parts of the world as "The International Award for Young People" - was founded by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh in Great Britain in 1956. It has been operating in Canada since 1963.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an exciting self-development Program available to young people worldwide, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their world. To date, almost 5 million young people from over 110 countries have been motivated to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities.

The Award is flexible and can be done by anyone between the ages of 14–25. Mental or physical ability or social circumstances should never be a barrier. Moreover, the individual chooses their activities depending on his/her interests and resources. If you are over 25, do not despair! You too can get involved by becoming an Award leader - the backbone of The Award Programme and the key to its success.

There are three levels of The Award in which you can participate: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each successive level demands increased commitment.
  • BRONZE - For those over 14 years old. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 6 months
  • SILVER - For those over 15 years old. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 12 months
  • GOLD - For those over 16 years old. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 18 months
You do not have to start at the Bronze level. If you are over 15 years old, you can join directly at the Silver level. If you are over 16, you may start at Gold.

The Sections of The Award

To gain an Award, all four sections (plus an additional requirement of a Residential Project at Gold level only) must be tackled for the specified minimum period of time. These sections are:

Encourage a sense of responsibility to the community through:
  • community service projects
  • voluntary service in hospitals or community homes
  • conservation work
  • specialized training such as lifesaving, first aid or rescue services
The emphasis of this section is the regular giving of a service.

An enjoyable experience designed to cultivate a spirit of adventure and discovery, an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose. The Adventurous Journey could be by foot, bicycle, boat or horseback. Proper training and preparation, self sufficiency, self-reliance and the exploration of new surroundings are the key elements.

If you're feeling adventurous, then the Adventurous Journey section could be fulfilled overseas, perhaps on an organized exchange with an Award group from another country.

This section encourages the development of personal interests and learn practical skills. There are over two hundred hobby and vocational skills from which you can choose. These include photography, cacti growing, magazine production, and metal work.

A section to encourage improved performance and physical fitness. Participants are required to take part in some form of organized physical recreation and show individual progress. Most team and individual sports are included, such as football, athletics, archery, swimming and canoeing. The list is endless, depending on what appeals to you.

RESIDENTIAL PROJECT - (For Gold level only)
This sections is intended to broaden your experience through living and working with others (who are not your everyday companions) over a period of five consecutive days.

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We take pride in the fact that we are concerned with far more than just "going camping". The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program is about challenge, setting goals, personal growth, self- discipline, learning, initiative, community service, respect, leadership and fitness of mind and body.

6-Rivers Wilderness Adventures agrees with these principles. We strive to promote these values and commit to facilitate a safe and fun learning experience. It's our promise!